Francesco Foschi (Ancona 1710 - Rome 1780)

A Bridge Along a Main Road

Private Collection

New York, Ira Spanierman Gallery
Marietta Vinci-Corsini. Francesco Foschi
Skira, Milan, 2003
Cat. No. 100, Page 183. Ill. Page 106, Detail, Page 107
Artist Biography:
Born into a family of the minor nobility, Foschi traveled and worked widely through the Papal States; particularly in his native Ancona, Loreto, Pesaro and Macerata. However, his arrival in Rome in 1729 was critical in his artistic formation: it put the young painter in touch with the most important cross-currents of the ‘Grand Tour’ culture. Vernet, Vanvitelli, Manglard, Panini and others were all developing differing approaches to the veduta. Foschi, surely aware of these artists’ works, evolved his own, very specific genre to which he remained faithful throughout his long career. Foschi’s evocative snowy landscapes relate in a particular way with the nearly contemporary eruptions of Vesuvius dramatically rendered by the French artist Volaire: both artists depict the ‘states of nature’ that captured the imagination of Enlightenment minds.

After further travels, he returned to Rome in 1764 where he was to remain until his death. A number of signed and dated works have allowed the reappraisal of his stature as an artist and the reconstruction of the chronology of his works.
Francesco Foschi - A Bridge Along a Main Road
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